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Hello loyal followers, fans and newcomers!

We wanted to give you an update on where we stand on things. Some people have probably wondered where we’ve been! We’ve actually been right here, working this entire time behind the scenes on some very secret projects we can’t really talk about! (yet.)

The site::

You may have noticed recently that we are continuously updating our website with more content at the moment. All of the 2013 design posts now have buttons to view and purchase the design as well as screenshots for all of our 2013 designs. This allows you to check out what the design may look like with different ProPhoto options. We also don’t like to call our designs “templates” any longer, as they are so much more than that. We like to call them “ProPhoto Suites”, because they include logos, photoshop files, and more than you can ever get from simply purchasing a WordPress template from another site.

The store::

Not long ago, we talked about opening a store with a few ProPhoto related products and of course our brand new brand templates to match our designs. We’re still planning on going ahead with the store, but we’re shooting for a later release ( 1st quarter 2014. ) We’ve spent the last few months trying out different store options like bigcartel, and shopify, at the same time building our products up for release but ultimately those services weren’t for us. We want something easy to use, simplified and integrated. That solution is coming soon and we’ll be launching a few products to start.


You may have noticed some of the changes taking place as we’ve had to retire several of our older designs recently. (Red Baron, Passion, After Midnight, Mighty Dog, Metropolitan, Abstract and Olympus). Most of those designs were from our 2011 – 2012 seasons so some of them needed to be retired.

Going forward into 2014 we’ll be updating a few of our older designs to reflect newer design standards, as well as creating a new release schedule for future designs. We’ll be working hard creating the new site, the store and preparing new designs for 2014 for the rest of the year.  As always we’ll continue to answer all your questions and provide design and ProPhoto support to anyone who contacts us either through Facebook or the site.

Meanwhile we finally decided to join Instagram (we’ve added a button to the sidebar) so you can follow us! Check us out here!

Thanks for reading!

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Paris is a clean, minimal design with a little splash of color, and some REALLY unique features. It’s the first ProPhoto design to feature a static menu bar (meaning, when you scroll down the page, the menu goes with you!) this is not a new feature in ProPhoto, and is just something we were able to add to our design, which so far is exclusive to this one. Paris also features a custom menu search bar in the menu as another unique addition to the design.

Paris comes complete with everything you see in the brand board below as photoshop files, plus a few more not seen as well! The design includes: logo, lightbox gallery nav buttons, custom contact form graphic with custom icons, social icons, and custom search icon, grid fall back image, background texture, sidebar headers, bio featured boxes, lazy loader gifs, and a set of 4 complimentary header slideshow templates. Check out the brand board below!

We try to make the design as flexible and as easy to customize as possible so, it’s compatible with all of ProPhoto’s features, including a sidebar, header slideshow, bio area, footer, and home page. You can view what the design would look like with different features below.  To navigate, simply click any thumbnail and click the image after it pops up to go back or forward. The descriptions below each image will explain which type of option it is.

Paris With Header Slideshow



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  • Brian Wedge8.21.13

    Your discount site is giving a 404 error.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Bowman8.24.13

    Your color palette? Am I able to change the pink to another color.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Amy, yep you’re totally able to change the red color to any color you want! Some of i uses ProPhoto and some of it uses the included photoshop files!ReplyCancel

  • Angela Gaspar9.17.13

    Is there a blog type option. I like this for the home page but like a traditional scroll down blogReplyCancel

    • Hi Angela,

      Yes you can totally change out the front grid page with a normal blog view, and add a home page using the tutorial included with the guide in the design.ReplyCancel

Our newest design for July is a vintage, black and white theme with a playful tone. We wanted to go a bit retro on this one along with the vintage themes we’ve been recently establishing, we felt like breathing in some new life with the style, so we brought some bold lines and fun typefaces into the mix. Check out Oxford, below!

We of course strive to make our designs as flexible as possible. Here you can see the difference between the options available with Oxford. With and Without Sidebar, Header Slideshow, Bio area, Regular Blog View, Home Page View, etc.

To navigate, simply click any thumbnail and click the image after it pops up to go back or forward. The descriptions below each image will explain which type of option it is.


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  • Christina Johns11.11.13

    Is it possible to customize 2 image gallery homepage and replace smaller right image with a static table with welcome information (like used in Skyfall theme)? Is possible to change the script font in the heading images? Thanks guys!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Christina, yes it’s totally possible to change the text out for every area in the design, as well as the design areas using the included photoshop files. You could create a new header using photoshop just like the one in Skyfall and add it to the design, if you wanted to. That design was specifically designed to have that using a unique header slideshow we designed.

      La Lune CreativeReplyCancel

  • Which script fonts have you used for the Oxford and Paris templates? I’ve been looking for something just like that for a logo.ReplyCancel

  • Bubber8.26.14

    Which came first, the problem or the sounitol? Luckily it doesn’t matter.ReplyCancel

  • alida10.15.14

    i buy the oxfor and i had prophoto4 and yesterday i install prophoto5 and the oxford doesnt work with it…

    i was wondering if oxford templated works with prophoto5 or if i need and actualizacion

    Thanks a lot.