ProPhoto tutorial: Working with image masks

Hi everyone! We’re proud to introduce our very first video tutorial – how to use image masks with your design!
This tutorial highlights working with our designs and image masks, usually if you’ve bought a template before or some marketing materials involving photoshop files you’ll end up working with image masks, while there’s several ways to do it, we’ve found this has been the simplest, easiest way to work with them with our designs. If you have any questions comment below or send us a message and we’ll be glad to help!

Image Masks //

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Pro Photo: Shepard

Hi everyone, I’m VERY proud to introduce our first design of 2013 and one I’m really excited to debut! Meet…Shepard

I’ve been working on this design for a couple of months, since before Christmas and had planned to release it as January rolls around. As we start to reflect on our past designs and look forward into the new year I definitely wanted to lead us into some new type of work. Don’t worry, we still have that minimalist edge that we’ll always have with our designs! Lately we’ve been wanting to add more depth to some of our newest we have planned. That lead me to Shepard’s design. I really wanted something kind of masculine but could work with any type of business or photographer. This design is probably one of the more intricate we’ve come to design lately.

You can change everything about this design to your own liking, the border colors, social icons, backgrounds, etc this design even comes with a fully designed logo! The design itself is compatible with all the features of ProPhoto including adding a sidebar, a home page, or adding grids which were made to match the design.  You can view screenshots of the different layouts below the brand board. Check it out!


Photography courtesy and copyright Red Leaf Boutique.

We try to make the design as flexible and as easy to customize as possible so it’s compatible with all of ProPhoto’s features, including a sidebar, header slideshow, bio area, footer, and home page. You can view what the design would look like with different features below.  To navigate, simply click any thumbnail and click the image after it pops up to go back or forward. The descriptions below each image will explain which type of option it is.


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  • 1.25.13

    Jana DeArmond - I love this! How much is the discount for? Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • 1.25.13

    La Lune Creative - Hi Jana, the discount is for new purchases of PROPHOTO not the design itself. The prophoto discount is $10.00 off.ReplyCancel

  • 8.17.13

    Brandy Shreve - Hi! We bought this design, but I didn’t see the fonts included in the package. We’re branding and would like to keep our fonts consistent across the board. Are these available?ReplyCancel

  • 8.22.13

    Towab Muhammad Yusuf - Very impressive.ReplyCancel

  • 10.4.13

    Gregroris Yiannaki - Hello, I am interested in buying the prophoto “you install” and additionally an add-on design, the “Shepard” designed by your company.

    I don’t know anything about wordpress, themes or plugins.

    Before I buy all these, would I be able after a buy it to have the following additions?
    1) Can I add music playing in any page?
    2) Can I have my site/blog in 2 languages?

    Is it possible? and how?

    I have watched all the tutorials but I still have the above questions because I am new to wordpress and prophoto an generally with themes. :)

    Thank you


  • 10.4.13

    Matt - Hi Gregroris,

    1. ProPhoto only allows you to add music to slideshows and galleries.
    2. Here’s the details on how Prophoto works with different languages –
    3. ProPhoto has an entire site dedicated to tutorials and videos and how to use prophoto at

    I hope that helped!


Two thousand thirteen.

Here we are just a bit after the new year, how is 2013 treating you so far? Here at La Lune things are brewing, we’re excited to be able to bring you new products, more designs and templates, and of course we have a few surprises for everyone throughout the year!

First thing, we switched to MAC! It’s just that time. We’ve turned into Apple snobs, well…I can’t get Crystal away from her Android phone yet, ;) but we’re pretty much running everything we can Apple now. With that comes some new awesomeness for 2013!

Yes, I photoshopped our wall gray….I’m SORRY! We rent, it’s always beige, everywhere, it makes me go bonkers!

I’ve been talking about this for over two years, with a windows machine it just wasn’t viable, the cost of the software, and ease of use just wasn’t a viable option, but that’s changed since we’ve gone all Apple now. Starting next month we’ll be finally publishing our video tutorials and tips! We’ll be doing articles on SEO, building your brand, guest posts, and much more!

We have many posts coming for the next few weeks, and we’re definitely going to make the journal on the site the new home of the web as much as we can.  Crystal has been plugging away at a new design that will be released next month, I plan to make some changes to the site design a little bit and I have a new design for the store that should debut very soon. :) Keep an eye out for the awesomeness we’re bringing for 2013!


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20 in 2012: Fourth Quarter Update

Well it’s the last quarter of the year, and we’re getting ready to set our goals for next year, but we still have a little time left and we wanted to give a quick update on our list. If you remember we’ve been doing this series throughout the year, as a way to better ourselves and our business by having goals to accomplish. Do you remember our original list? We also had our follow up when we did our last quarter as well.

With the holidays all around and the year coming to an end it’s time to take a look at what we’ve accomplished.

Business Goals 

2. While we didn’t hire out for the business, Crystal and me both are working harder together so we can hold off a bit longer on having to hire someone to come in.

3. We made a huge decision last month…we’re switching to Apple! Why is this part of the home office makeover you ask? Because not only do Apple products really clean up the space but we’ve also been doing other things, getting more organized, planning our next ikea trip and it’s finally all starting to come into place.

7.  It won’t happen this year, but we’ve already been err…preparing for this one. Can’t say more than that for now, just be excited! :)

8. This one definitely made the list, we’ve been working with some awesome people to bring more content and cool things for next year. :)

9. I’ll admit, we never got this one done. It’s one of those things where it’s out of sight out of mind and with a web business for the time being having expensive cards hasn’t been a priority for us.

Lifestyle & Personal Goals

11. I’m sad, this year I missed the deadline to get our book ordered, with the holiday cut off season being early I was never able to get this one done in time. It just means the book for next year will be twice as big!

12. We finally started this! A couple of months ago we started to look at land because we decided to build. The perfect spot hasn’t come up for us yet, but this is a huge step in the right direction and one that we’re definitely going to take our time with. As much I personally hate to rent, the time and effort to wait to get exactly what we want will be well worth it.

14. Fail, I haven’t made time for art projects of this sort this entire year, although me and Crystal both have been taking to lots of holiday pinterest projects, which turned out great!

15. We got to visit our family and rented some cabins a couple of months ago, we had such a great time, we did get to spend a lot of time outdoors and we’re actually glad we didn’t camp outside this time, because the weather got the best of us one of the nights and some people with tents got flooded in the night.

16. Time wasn’t right for this one, for such an expensive trip we decided to hold off until we can get the house situation figured out.

17. We decided before we do this one that we’d both like to lose some weight, and start being a bit more healthy, it’s an agreement we both decided on as a compromise, so this one will come and I’m excited for it. We’ll definitely post up the images here once that’s done!

19. Due to a few canceled shows and Blink visiting Europe this year I missed our closest shows this year. Hopefully next year we’ll be set to go for this one.

Year in Review...

I’d say for the year we did pretty good. We’ve definitely honed in our list and goals for next year, which we’ll have up in January, but I don’t think we’ll be doing only 20 after this for sure. There’s too many goals we want to accomplish and we’d love to not have to limit ourselves to just a few things. We also accomplished things I wanted to do but wasn’t on the list.

- Ran a 5k (mud run) did it in 45 degree temperatures in water WITH Cystic Fibrosis. It was incredibly hard, but I made it to the finish line with our team.
- Went horseback riding twice this year
- I quit second shooting weddings finally, last year when I quit shooting photography I had already agreed to shoot for the rest of the year, being a man to my word I shot every single one, and finished the last one last month.
- We moved to a bigger, nicer place in a better part of town. While we’re still renting, it’s been a huge blessing in our lives this year.
- After many years of looking we finally found a christian church that is right for us, we’ve been going regularly for the past couple of months
- I personally lost 20lbs since August and have managed to keep it off. I was a little overweight and it was decided that to better my health it was best to lose it, we both agreed to both try harder to be more active and lose weight without a ton of exercising or ridiculous diets. I think this is something we’ll be working on all of next year.
- Crystal has been doing well at the salon, we’ve even started talking about her having her own salon in a few years!
- We’re switching to Apple/Mac! Nuff said there…still waiting on our new iMac to come in. :)

We’ve learned quite a few things over the last 12 months, what we can and can’t accomplish together, looking back at our failures and our accomplishments is such a good thing to do though, but it’s been a really great year for the business, our family and health. We only both agreed that it went way too fast!

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