We launched Sparrow as a part of the new designs for P5, but haven’t put up a feature for it yet. Not only are we featuring the design today, but it just got a facelift! ProPhoto has added quite a bit of small updates to P5 since it’s release, and we felt that Sparrow warranted such a facelift!

What changed?

The blog layout got a bio section with text added for better SEO reach and some added content like a featured image and some buttons for general use. Originally we had used some of the generic fonts in Prophoto and felt like they weren’t serving the design in a way that we wanted, so we changed them out for a custom font that fits the design better.  We had gotten some client feedback on the sidebar images being too cluttered before, so we moved the border to the outside and made the featured images into P5 buttons so that they have an animation.

A home page was added as an option to the design, with a rotating header slideshow, and a set of custom featured buttons. The buttons can be pointed to pages, links or galleries or whatever you’d like and are super easy to use. We also added the social icons to the home page to better reach clients looking for those services.  We gave the logo a new updated texture, and changed the pinit button up a bit for better viewing. Finally, we changed out the lightbox gallery buttons to match the changes, added some buttons to the contact form, and updated the design guide.

Design features:

This design features a home page, with customizable featured area, custom buttons, social icons, search bar, blog featured area, custom fonts, sidebar, mobile design, and of course we include a set of our header slideshow layout templates! Sparrow is the first design that we also offered a page header layout. You can upload your own image and change the text in photoshop and upload it into any post or page you see fit!

If you’ve purchased Sparrow already…

We’d like to think our customer service is a cut above the rest, so starting today, if you’re already purchased Sparrow for ProPhoto5, you’re entitled to an upgrade for FREE. We’ll be sending out emails to those customers soon with the updated files. Just keep in mind that if you use them, you’ll have to redo your customizations!

Check out the brand board for Sparrow below!

ProPhoto 5 - Sparrow Design Suite by La Lune CreativePIN


Pro Photo Sparrow Design - View DemoPro Photo Sparrow Design - Purchase

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In collaboration with Red Leaf Boutique we created something between Mitty and what we envisioned our next big design would be. We got a lot of requests for a more simple home page layout with just a large horizontal image, we’re glad to have made that request for you in this design. Redwood features a simple, modern home page with a single large photo, but not to worry, we left no-one out! Redwood includes 4 different home page image layout options for you to use if you’re not a landscape photographer.

The blog portion of the design is made to be simple, with few design elements but meaningful in place and value. This time around we wanted to give you a bit more options for the design as a whole. The home page is completely independent of itself, you can enter it it’s own content, background image header, and so forth, as well as the blog. The featured image area is different from the home page to give users a different choice, and although it’s not turned on, the blog portion does support a header slideshow. The design includes a set of 4 header slideshow templates if you prefer to have that showing on the blog as well.

While Redwood is designed to be minimalist and modern, it includes lots of goodies, and a custom logo. Check out the brand board below! Also check out RedLeaf’s matching Lightroom Presets! All images in the design were edited with the RedWood presets.ProPhoto 5 - Redwood Design Suite by La Lune CreativePIN

Pro Photo RedWood Design - View Demo

Pro Photo Redwood Design - Purchase



You can purchase the Redwood Lightroom Presets right here (Sold separately through Red Leaf Boutique.) or simply click the image below.

Red Leaf BoutiquePIN



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Today we’re introducing our newest design: Mitty! This design is our biggest and most responsive design that we’ve made so far. It has a huge header that spans the entire browser screen fit for even 27″ iMacs. The design is setup to accommodate screens down to tablet sizes and mobile devices, so you’re completely covered! The best part? It’s an all-in-one design! This design includes a designed home page, and a blog ready to go!  Mitty is continuing our minimal black and white design aesthetic that we love and admire here at La Lune. Simple design, clean friendly navigation, and perfect for any business.

ProPhoto 5 Design - Mitty by La Lune CreativePIN


Pro Photo Mitty Design - View Demo Pro Photo Mitty Design - Purchase



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  • sunil3.21.14

    I use the Express design on my site. I would like to use Mitty, but do I have to refactor all the images that I have for this design. Express uses a 968px width. Was wondering if I can use my images as is for this design.


    • Hi Sunil,

      You could leave your images as they are, or resize them that would be up to you. If you’re going from a blog which had a bunch of posts in a smaller image format, it would be easier to simply just start doing NEW posts in the newer size, rather than go back and resize every post.


  • Åsmund4.7.14


    I’m loving this theme, but would love to add some colour to it. Is that possible?ReplyCancel

    • Hi Åsmund!

      Using ProPhoto and the included photoshop files you can change the colors to whatever you want.


    • Hi Åsmund,

      You can totally add all the color you want, by using a combination of the included photoshop files and ProPhoto.


  • Are the PSD’s easy to edit?ReplyCancel

    • Hi Louis, Yep they sure are, and the included guide tells you where to place all the files in ProPhoto, we of course also offer full time support for free if you have any trouble or have any questions!


lalune 2014PIN

Well here we are at another new year for La Lune Creative! We’re so excited to finally share some new designs and get things going again! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

The new site

We hope you enjoy the new site! As we add content, the site will eventually change with our new growth. The sidebar will be filled with new content categories, and we’ll be posting more often this year.  Also, while we took away the fugly facebook comments, ProPhoto5 now has inline comments so we can reply back easier. We also activated gravatars, so if you don’t have one, get one! We’d love to chat! – http://en.gravatar.com Once you have a gravatar, anywhere you go that uses it makes your little image popup, in our case the comments! Take a look around and check back often for new updates!

Where we’ve been

It’s been a long last few months! We basically had to prepare for ProPhoto5 months out, only with beta, you basically have to wait to do all the work right up until release because the software has to be stable enough to work with. We’ve been beta testing since October, and because of the time frame we opted to start preparing in August, which is why we didn’t release any new designs towards the end of the year.

Future brand kits

In that time leading up to beta, we had a couple of months to work on a store we were developing. We plan on releasing brand kits for some of our designs, but the software we were using was a nightmare, we couldn’t get it to integrate well with our site, and ended up scrapping the idea. We’ve tried 2 other “stores” that didn’t live up to our standards, but we did find something that works eventually and we’re working on that again soon. So you can expect brand kits to arrive for our most popular designs, and some of our future designs as well. We’re hoping to launch everything in the summer of 2014.

ProPhoto 5

As you already know, some designs were “refreshed” for 2014. If you upgraded to ProPhoto5 and have already purchased a design previously all those new features will work with your design already. ProPhoto had decided that we all weed out our older designs and bring in only our best to clean up the store and start fresh for 2014, in that decision everybody’s designs got updated with the new software, it was a requirement. Here’s the changes we made for ALL designs that made the switch from P4 to P5.

– All social icons were switched to the new “buttons” feature.
– A pin it button was added to each design
– Photoshop files were either eliminated because of the new buttons feature or changed for easier use
– Custom search bars that were coded in manually in a couple of designs were stripped and now just uses the feature in ProPhoto5.

That’s it! Designers made only the changes required to update from 4 to 5. There are two designs that DID see significant changes, and saw price changes based on those changes.

– Based on feedback from customers, Shepard’s overall size was increased
– Custom search bar was added
– Photoshop files with textures had to be redone because of the new size, and they were optimized a little better for load times
– Gallery navigation buttons were added
– The featured area images was changed from 3 to 4, to fit the new space and because of feedback from customers
– Along with the rest of the updates from above (social icons changed to buttons, etc)

– Overall size was increased
– Mod has a brand new logo
– New social icons were added
– Custom search bar was added
– The entire design went through a feature by feature check for consistency (we’ve done this for the last 2 years, but mod was our oldest design and needed it.)
– Mobile logo was added
– Custom fonts were added to be consistent where there was none before
– Files were cleaned up
– Design guide added

Basically, Mod got everything changed but the overall layout and look and feel. It’s pretty much completely new!

Upgrading your design

I wanted to address some concerns people had with upgrading designs. There’s no need to upgrade your design at all if you don’t want to. All the features in P5 will work with your P4 design, the only difference is the work involved in doing it yourself. Most of the changes we made with the design itself you can make in 5 minutes. If you want the updated one, you would need to repurchase the design.  Unfortunately there’s no tools available through the ProPhoto store to be able to offer customers design upgrades for free, which is why they must be repurchased if you choose to do that.

Future designs releases

In the near future we’ll be switching to a quarter system. 2-3 designs will be released every quarter together instead of separately. This is so we can have time between releases to prepare for fresh new designs, and prepare for the long haul to ProPhoto6.

Phew! That’s a lot of information! I hope it wasn’t TOO Big a wall of text. With today’s mobile, and hurried society nobody reads anymore.  So if you lasted this long, congratulations!

We hope to see you soon, and check back soon!

Matt & Crystal -

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