Paris is a clean, minimal design with a little splash of color, and some REALLY unique features. It’s the first ProPhoto design to feature a static menu bar (meaning, when you scroll down the page, the menu goes with you!) this is not a new feature in ProPhoto, and is just something we were able to add to our design, which so far is exclusive to this one. Paris also features a custom menu search bar in the menu as another unique addition to the design.

Paris comes complete with everything you see in the brand board below as photoshop files, plus a few more not seen as well! The design includes: logo, lightbox gallery nav buttons, custom contact form graphic with custom icons, social icons, and custom search icon, grid fall back image, background texture, sidebar headers, bio featured boxes, lazy loader gifs, and a set of 4 complimentary header slideshow templates. Check out the brand board below!

We try to make the design as flexible and as easy to customize as possible so, it’s compatible with all of ProPhoto’s features, including a sidebar, header slideshow, bio area, footer, and home page. You can view what the design would look like with different features below.  To navigate, simply click any thumbnail and click the image after it pops up to go back or forward. The descriptions below each image will explain which type of option it is.

Paris With Header Slideshow



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  • Brian Wedge8.21.13

    Your discount site is giving a 404 error.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Bowman8.24.13

    Your color palette? Am I able to change the pink to another color.ReplyCancel

    • Hi Amy, yep you’re totally able to change the red color to any color you want! Some of i uses ProPhoto and some of it uses the included photoshop files!ReplyCancel

  • Angela Gaspar9.17.13

    Is there a blog type option. I like this for the home page but like a traditional scroll down blogReplyCancel

    • Hi Angela,

      Yes you can totally change out the front grid page with a normal blog view, and add a home page using the tutorial included with the guide in the design.ReplyCancel

Our newest design for July is a vintage, black and white theme with a playful tone. We wanted to go a bit retro on this one along with the vintage themes we’ve been recently establishing, we felt like breathing in some new life with the style, so we brought some bold lines and fun typefaces into the mix. Check out Oxford, below!

We of course strive to make our designs as flexible as possible. Here you can see the difference between the options available with Oxford. With and Without Sidebar, Header Slideshow, Bio area, Regular Blog View, Home Page View, etc.

To navigate, simply click any thumbnail and click the image after it pops up to go back or forward. The descriptions below each image will explain which type of option it is.


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  • Christina Johns11.11.13

    Is it possible to customize 2 image gallery homepage and replace smaller right image with a static table with welcome information (like used in Skyfall theme)? Is possible to change the script font in the heading images? Thanks guys!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Christina, yes it’s totally possible to change the text out for every area in the design, as well as the design areas using the included photoshop files. You could create a new header using photoshop just like the one in Skyfall and add it to the design, if you wanted to. That design was specifically designed to have that using a unique header slideshow we designed.

      La Lune CreativeReplyCancel

  • Which script fonts have you used for the Oxford and Paris templates? I’ve been looking for something just like that for a logo.ReplyCancel

We’re continuing our new trend of doing some antique black/white designs for early 2013 with our newest design, URBAN.

Urban, is a minimal, antique design perfect for any growing business. This design includes a lot of design elements (as seen in our graphic below). So you’ll need a basic knowledge of photoshop, including how to handle layers, colors and type. Our new Prophoto instructional guide included with the design will help with the design to make it as easy as possible. We also have our dedicated tutorial section you can see here.

Urban looks great with or without a sidebar, header slide show, home page, or footer. All of these options are available to turn on or off as you please. To see some screenshots with those features take a look below. To navigate, simply click any thumbnail and click the image after it pops up to go back or forward.


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  • Natalia Gubina6.17.13

    I like this design, but I’m not sure how will look my longer logo on it.ReplyCancel

  • Tiffani Shoop Evans6.25.13

    Is there a way to activate the side column and not the blog on the home page?ReplyCancel

  • Briana Johnson7.7.13

    this has to be my most favorite design I have seen so far. I would really love this one! I understand that pro photo does not do tech support for importing blogger to pro photo, so do you have any recommendations for thorough tutorials or any paid services for such an import? I really want this to work!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy7.24.13

    Hi I love this design and was wondering if I can change it in ProPhoto to have the logo then navigation then header then the image buttons? Is this possible or is the navigation and the image buttons always next to each other?
    Cheers TracyReplyCancel

  • Matt7.24.13

    Hi Tracy, you can definitely change to that option. ProPhoto has a multitude of layout options for the header area (logo, menu, and header slideshow options) you can also choose to turn some of those options completely off if you want. If you purchase the design and need some help with that, just contact us and we’ll send you some instructions to get what you’re wanting.

    Matt -ReplyCancel

  • Marcel Brown7.30.13

    Would it be possible to get matching LinkedIn and YouTube social media icons, pretty please? :)ReplyCancel

  • Colin Richards8.1.13

    This is probably a dumb question….Can the logo be placed on the left hand side beside the menu instead on on top?ReplyCancel

  • I love your design asthetic and am interested in changing my current pro photo template to one of yours. I would love to have the ability to get houzz icons on the site as well because I do portrait and interior photography – is this a possibility? Thx.ReplyCancel

  • Matt8.19.13

    Hi Stephanie,

    We can definitely design you some custom houzz icons to match the designs, but you should probably contact us about that if you’re interested in us designing some for you.

    Matt -ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Moulton9.25.13

    HI, I want to run a sidebar and my most recent blog post on my front page, but not minimized, but not the full width either. I want to do what the dominant example above shows for Urban. I made it a static page, and the sidebar is there but I don’t know how to get my blog posts to show up there. Thanks for any help.ReplyCancel

  • Christina Johns11.11.13

    Hi there! I would like to use the Urban theme with “Blog Design with Header Slideshow activated” (image 3/4) – but is it possible to incorporate a blog sidebar into this layout?ReplyCancel

    • Hi Christina, yes it’s totally possible to have a sidebar with all our designs, you can set it right or left and have it show up on different page types, all are standard settings in ProPhoto.


  • Derek Halkett11.16.13

    Absolutely love the design! I made the switch from Zenfolio and love the difference. Still getting used to WordPress, but all in all it has been a great change. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Hi there! I was wondering, so the colors on the color palette can be used for the background and those are the colors that can be chosen? And is the width of the website can be adjusted to be narrower? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Yekaterina! The colors are just what we used in the design, you can change them to anything you want! We sent you an email a momemnt ago about your sizing question that you sent us, but the short is yes all the designs can be adjusted in width.


      • Yekaterina2.2.14

        Awesome! Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

  • La Lune Creative6.24.13

    Take a screenshot of it and replace the logo with your own as a mockup. :) Just keep in mind the design can fit any logo size.ReplyCancel

I have been itching to do another minimal design for a while now, and couple that with a grid layout and you have EXPRESS. Our latest design was built around the minimal series we created last year. Simple clean interface, black and white, and of course minimal look and feel. We’ve done things a bit differently this time and added a couple of screens below with a mockup of what a home page and sidebar could look like with the design. The instructional file included with the design will tell you how to add these features to your design.



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  • A really nice theme. I stylistically use this for my siteReplyCancel

  • Heidi Normann9.13.13

    Hi – I am totally new to this ‘wold’ and is only just now learning…. I looove this design – but I would like to have the social icons on my homepage or even at the top of every page.. is that possible? or do I need to choose another design.ReplyCancel

  • King Sultan9.14.13

    How would I re-create this gallery layout? ReplyCancel

  • King Sultan9.14.13

    Also how would I replicate your home page layout?ReplyCancel

  • Fussganger Foto9.15.13

    Hi there – I love your designs. Assuming it’s at all possible, how much work would it be to invert this entire design (i.e., white text on black backgrounds)? You have a few dark background themes, but with textured backgrounds. I’m looking for something clean, but dark. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Sven Dings10.6.13

    Really nice :) installed it yesterday and here you can see it live –> http://www.svoogle.orgReplyCancel

  • Sara Hazeldine10.18.13

    Is it possible to have an endlessly scrolling blog with this theme? So that if you click on one of the images in the grid, and it takes you to that blog post, could it then scroll on to the next post and the next? Thanks.ReplyCancel

  • Vanja10.27.13

    I really like this design. Is there a way to only display the images (minus the text) on the main page? I don’t want the blog title or text to show. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Darren Miller11.10.13

    Hi! I have your Lite design for one of my sites and love it ( and would like to make another site for my portrait photography. Can this grid style show up with the text hidden and only revealed on a scrollover? Also, do you have links to more active sites with this template? Thanks! ReplyCancel

  • Darren Miller11.10.13

    Hi! I have your Lite design for one of my sites and love it ( and would like to make another site for my portrait photography. Can this grid style show up with the text hidden and only revealed on a scrollover? Also, do you have links to more active sites with this template? Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Vanja, Yes you can change the grid type to a different style (like hover), but there’s no option to remove all the text from grids. I’ll bring that up with the ProPhoto team that could later be added as a feature though. Thanks!


  • Erin12.11.13

    Hi! I am helping my client to apply this theme. I am having two questions:

    1) For the grids page(homepage and archive pages), it makes sense that there’s no white background, and grids take up the whole site width. However, in other static pages(with text in it), I am hoping to give white background for the whole “content” tag and give some padding around the content. Is it possible? Did I do anything wrong? I couldn’t find the settings for it.

    This is my current homepage:
    This is one of my static page:
    This is one of my archive page:

    2) In the footer, column 3, I added a grids in it. Is there a way to reduce the spacing between each item only for this grid, and not to affect other grids? As you see right now, drop shadow went out of the column already…

    Thank you very much for your help! And thank you for this great theme!!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Erin!

    1. You can add a white background by going to Prophoto > Customize > Content Appearance > and scrolling to the bottom and setting the background color for pages. Keep in mind the design wasn’t setup to have the pages like that because there was some kind of technicality with Prophoto that we couldn’t work around the way we had the design setup. So it may not look right after adding it.

    2. There’s now way to adjust the spacing for an individual grid in Prophoto unfortunately.ReplyCancel

  • Erin12.12.13

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your response.

    1. Yeah. I did try that setting. It is not what I want. So, if you look at my static page, is it supposed to look like this? Did I miss anything? In the Demo, I see you having a beautiful margined “Contact” page. How was it done?

    2. OK then. Any suggestion to turn around? I do know HTML and CSS. If you can give me some hint to trick it, that’ll be great!

    Thank you very much again!ReplyCancel

    • That is indeed the way it’s supposed to look on pages, though it looks like you changed the design up from the original enough to not matter at this point (it looks great!).ReplyCancel

  • Eliud Matos12.31.13

    Hi, I am currently using your Express design and am trying to embed a video from Vimeo with no luck. what am I doing wrong? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Hi Eliud, if you’re embedding them and not seeing them show up in the wordpress editing area they’re not going to. WordPress made some changes in the last few years that prevents the videos from loading in the editing area of posts or pages, but they should show up on the site when previewing the post or page. If that’s not the case, and they’re just not embedding right, try switching to the “text” tab when when editing a post or page, and pasting the code that way. Sometimes it won’t work in the rich viewer.


  • Bill Raab1.6.14

    Just glommed onto this theme about a week ago. Love it and my new reworked site. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea1.25.14

    Hello! I love this template but curious if I could remove the white backgrounds behind the elements and instead use a white background behind the entire content area on all pages of the site?ReplyCancel

    • Hi Chelsea, we just sent you a message on facebook, and the short answer is yes, it’s very easy to do this using ProPhoto!

      La Lune CreativeReplyCancel

  • Steve3.25.14


    Thinking about this template but wondered how things go with using embedded video?

    Couple of Q’s…

    1. Can the masthead slideshow be replaced with a Vimeo video (either directly or via a slider plugin?)

    2. On the grid layout for the Blog page. Are the images you see displayed form the blog post and set as ‘featured images’? Ie if i have a blog page grid showing the last 20 blog posts and they are all posts containing Vimeo videos, will the blog grig page thumbnail be a featured ‘still’ image, or a small video thumbnail? (hoping it’s an image as in your example!)

    Just trying to get my head around how the thumbnail will show on the front blog page.

    3. How many blog posts can the grid show at once?

    4. Can the grid be used on Pages as well as the Blog main page?

    Thanks in advance :)


  • Steve3.25.14

    Hi again…

    Also, is this fully responsive? tried it on my Samsung just now and the images seem to make it scroll horizontally juts slightly, ie don’t scale properly.

    Will it scale vimeo videos properly?

    thanks :)ReplyCancel

    • 1. It can’t be added directly, ProPhoto doesn’t support built in video yet. It might be possible via plugin. There’s another method that you could use, simply by turning off the header and placing it as a embedded widget above the 3 icons.
      2. Since ProPhoto doesn’t support built in video yet, the grids in ProPhoto use WordPress’ featured images feature to use in place of a video in a grid. So, you would insert the video or embed it into a post or page and then upload a featured image so it shows up in the grid.
      3. 12, but there’s a ProPhoto plugin that allows you to have it show more, or you can set it to show a load more posts button which would just load more.
      4. Grids can be used anywhere, any area that can have a widget, (bio, sidebar, footer, sliding tabs, etc) and inserted into posts or pages.
      5. I’m not sure how ProPhoto’s mobile renders video. You’ll have to contact ProPhoto for that question. –


      • Steve3.26.14

        Great, thanks for answering all that Matt. I’ll ask the ProPhoto guys about some of those. Thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • James4.16.14

    I’m having a trouble getting the overlay text to work properly. I feel like I have the settings correct under the grid section… any pointers on how I can get that to work properly?

    Thank you!

    • Hi James,

      When I looked at your site you had text below grids instead of the hover style, are you wanting to change them to the hover style? If so, go to ProPhoto > Customize > Content Appearance > Excerpts for that particular design.


      • James4.18.14

        Hello Matt,
        Yes, I’m wanting the hover style. I’m following your steps, I’m just having trouble finding where I make the change. I have the hover designs set, just can’t figure out where in the world to make the switch. I’ll keep playing around with it and see if I can figure it out.ReplyCancel

        • James4.18.14

          I figured it out and THANK YOU for pointing me in the right direction, I would have never found that. LOLReplyCancel

        • Hi James,

          Go to ProPhoto > Customize > Content Appearance > Excerpts look for the “Grid Style Post Excerpts text options” section, and click “Overlaid text on rollover” setting.

          Once that’s set, you can go into ProPhoto > Customize > Grids > Style – Overlaid Text On Rollover and change the settings.